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We’re Back! Happy New Year to all.

This year, NOTA 2023 will be co-chaired by Michael WA4ECT from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Jayant KG5LJZ from the Johnson Space Center (JSC). The NOTA 2023 scoring database will be RESET (thanks Matt KA0S). As of today, our planned activations are:

Date (subject to change)Event
February 11-12SpaceX Crew 6 Launch (3 astronauts are hams!)
AprilBoeing Starliner CST-100 first crewed launch
September10th Anniversary of the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) launch

Watch for our spots on all bands and modes
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After NASA’s successful Artemis 1 launch at 12:47a.m. CT, all NOTA stations are actively on-the-air!

Watch for our spots on all bands and modes

Check this site for status updates and activities



NASA Monday reviewed the threat posed by hurricane-damaged insulation on the agency’s Artemis moon rocket and cleared the Artemis vehicle for launch on early Wednesday. NOTA is spring loaded to commemorate this event upon a successful launch.


NOTA’s two most significant 2022 operating events are just around the corner:

  • NOV 14: Artemis-1 Launch
  • DEC 7-19: The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 17

Today, we’re holding our breath for a successful Artemis launch. All NOTA stations are on standby, but ready to get on the air to commemorate this upcoming historic launch.

Historical Reminder 1: The Artemis launch represents NASA 1st of several missions to revisit the moon, utilizing the agency’s most powerful rocket booster since Apollo. Artemis-1, launching this month, will pave they way for a new frontier for long duration human habitation on the moon, and later beyond.

Historical Reminder 2: The Apollo 17th mission was the last mission to the moon, 50 years from Dec. 2022. This anniversary perfectly frames the end of an iconic program (Apollo), and the beginning of another (Artemis)

9/19 With the delayed launch of the Artemis-1 mission, NOTA operations continue be in a standby activity level. The next launch window for Artemis-1 is Sept 27th. Upon a successful launch, NOTA will increase full activity on-the-air presence to commemorate this historic NASA event. NOTA will also activate stations to observe National Astronomy Day on September 22!

9/6 SLS launch of Artemis-1 is pending

9/1 NOTA Operations Status

8/31 Updated LAUNCH of Artemis

NOTA continues our on-the-air commemoration of Artemis-1, but the SLS launch is now rescheduled for Saturday September 3, 2022.

8/29 Updated LAUNCH of Artemis 1

NOTA continues our on-the-air commemoration of Artemis-1, but the SLS launch is now rescheduled for Friday September 2, 2022.

8/28 LAUNCH of Artemis 1

The gigantic NASA Space Launch System (SLS) rocket is poised for its historic mission on launch pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center. SLS will carry the new NASA Orion capsule and the European Space Agency (ESA) Service Module for a 6 week un-crewed mission to checkout systems for our future return to the moon. NOTA will commemorate this historic mission with NASA radio stations activated on the air from Sep 25-Oct 6.


The NOTA 2022 team plans to commemorate the following events:

Aug (TBD)         LAUNCH of Artemis 1  Sep 25-Oct 6
Sep 25-Oct 6   25th ANNIVERSARY of Space Shuttle STS-86
Oct 15              25th ANNIVERSARY of Cassini 
Nov 1-6            LAUNCH of Joint Polar Satellite System-2 (JPSS) 
Dec 7-19           50th ANNIVERSARY of Apollo 17 

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7/10 NOTA will activate our NASA club stations on July 12-17 to commemorate the first release of pictures from the James Webb Space Telescope.

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5/23 NOTA will activate our NASA club stations on June 18-24 to commemorate the US Mint released quarter coin featuring NASA astronaut Sally Ride. 

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NASA On The Air (NOTA) is BACK!  Amateur radio club stations at NASA field centers will be re-activating joint operations for 2022.  Our first event will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 16 Moon landing.  Many of the NASA clubs will be on the air from April 23-27, 2022, however, some NASA club stations have already begun operations to commemorate the full mission duration which actually began with liftoff on April 16th, 1972.

Due to many NASA hams still working from home due to telework/Covid, NASA Club Station Trustees from each field center are mostly allowing club members to use their club callsigns while operating remote at their home QTH. If you work our call signs, it may be an operator located physically at the NASA center or posibly from a club member from their home station.


The club stations at the various NASA centers and facilities plan to be on the air with special events to celebrate these milestones and some may be offering commemorative QSL cards.  There will be a special certificate indicating how many centers you worked on various bands and modes that may be downloaded.  QSL instructions are available on the QRZ.COM site for each individual club station.  We have a web-based system for you to check your points total and download a certificate at the end of the event in December 2022.  Visit the Scores section for a link to that system.  Points will be awarded for each center worked on each band and mode (phone, CW, digital).

The NOTA 2022 event will run from April through December 2022.  Note that any contact with a NASA club station during the full time frame will count toward your points total. 

All operating modes are fair game including satellites, repeaters, EME, ISS APRS, etc.  We hope to be on the air for casual contacts and contests as well.

Special appreciation to Jayant Ramakrishnan KG5LJZ and Desiree Baccus N3DEZ for co-chairing this year’s NOTA 2022 activation.

Thanks again and 73 from the NASA amateur radio clubs.